• Our Commitment to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
    • All employees are treated equally regardless of their age, race, gender, religion, nationality, family status, disability or any other characteristics protected under the relevant laws.

    • We are dedicated to establishing equal employment opportunities and fostering an equitable, inclusive, and respectful working environment free from discrimination.

  • Our Talent Incentives
    • We establish a fair, competitive, and motivating compensation system to ensure that employees' efforts receive due rewards.

    • Various incentive mechanisms, including performance bonuses and promotion opportunities, are set up to stimulate employees' enthusiasm and innovation.

  • Development and Training
    • Forest formulated employee development plans and encourages all employees to enhance their professional knowledge, competence, and management skills through professional training, seminars, forums, and conferences.

    • We regularly organize internal and external training, as well as online learning activities, in various forms to help employees improve their professional skills and overall qualities.

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Forest regards our people as the cornerstone for the continuous business growth. We strive to create a collaborative, motivating and vibrant working environment that can provide learning opportunities for career growth to all employees.
Talent Values
  • Professionalism: We expect employees to have a strong foundation of professional knowledge and skills, while also demonstrating enthusiasm and commitment to delivering high-quality service to clients.

  • Innovative: We inspire employees to embrace innovation, take on challenges, continually enhance their skills and attributes, infusing fresh vitality into the company's progress.

  • Collaboration: We emphasize the importance of teamwork, promoting mutual support and advancement among employees, uniting efforts to reach the company's objectives.

  • Integrity: We expect employees to exhibit honesty and integrity, comply with laws, regulations, and company policies, thereby fostering a positive professional ethics and corporate image.